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    Shark Cage Diving Tours In Cape Town - including boat based.

    Shark Cage Diving Tours In Cape Town - including boat based.

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    Our boat the White Pointer II is a specially designed shark cage diving vessel. She complies with all safety requirements and  permit conditions. We send the boat for annual safety inspections. Safety equipment includes life jackets, a first aid kit, radio, and a cellular phone.  Boat specifications: - Curved window screens that offer superb visibility from inside the cabin - Cushioned seats - Flush toilet - Dry storage lockers  Exclusive Boat Charter Price: From R 35,940.00 (12 people) Scheduled Boat Trip Price: From R 2,995,00 per person. Cost includes: - Guided Shark Cage Diving Tour Our qualified shark cage diving guides are specially trained for this very experience you are about to book. They are passionate and eager to share their knowledge with you, of not only the sharks, but all the marine wildlife you will encounter on your shark tour. - Educational Booklet You will receive a beautiful illustrated educational eBook (or hard copy) on the marine life you may encounter on your shark tour from the apex predators in the ocean to the sea birds above. - Light Meals Lunch consists of fresh fruit, delicious home-baked quiches, gourmet sandwiches including chicken with pecan nuts amongst others. We will include a vegetarian option upon request. To quench that adventurous thirst, fruit juice and mineral water are on tap with a variety of snacks that are more on the indulgent side. All food is hygienically prepared and individually packaged using natural recyclable materials that are environmentally friendly. - Dive Gear We guarantee a clean dry wetsuit for every guest of Apex Shark Expeditions. Each guest will receive dive equipment and a wetsuit that has been thoroughly disinfected and rinsed with fresh water and dried before use. Every piece of squeaky clean dive equipment will be used by one guest only per day. They say sharing is caring but we’ll leave that to Barney. - Towels We do provide clean, dry towels however it is our goal is to reduce the consumption of natural resources in laundry and therefore we ask where possible, to provide your own towel. We pride ourselves on offering sustainable eco-friendly marine tourism and adventure with conservation, research, and education taking place on every shark cage diving tour we are fortunate to operate. We see a variety of shark species throughout the year according to the seasons, weather, water temperature, and other factors. Trips are confirmed dependant on weather and not species dependant.

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    We are Chris and Monique and we're passionate about sharks and marine wildlife.Having worked at, or visited, all of the world's Great White hotspots, we're confident that False Bay is completely unique in what is has to offer in viewing shark predatory behaviour.Spending over 200 days at sea each year means we're able to give our guests the most natural encounter with sharks possible.We specialise in small groups and our eco-friendly approach to expeditions ensures an intimate and educational experience when choosing us.

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    FAQ: When is the best time to see Great White Sharks? - Yes, if it is done with respect towards the sharks and other wildlife and remains sensitive to the regulations in place. Our ethical commitment toward the sharks and their conservation determine our every decision and we will not in any way jeopardise the wildlife. Do you respect the sharks? - In South Africa, law prohibits us from feeding the sharks. We also avoid feeding the sharks for ethical and general conservation reasons. We use a point of interest to attract sharks to the boat – like a tuna head that is attached afloat and a rope and pulled away from the sharks. This bait is used solely as a lure, however some sharks will manage to take the bait. Is shark cage-diving safe? - Nature is unpredictable and we cannot guarantee that you will see White Sharks from the surface or from the cage. However our success rate is higher than 90% throughout the season. How do I get to False Bay, Simon's Town departure point? - It generally takes between 25 – 30 minutes from Simon’s Town Pier to Seal Island. This will also vary depending on the sea and weather conditions, as strong seas and / or strong headwind conditions can lengthen this time considerably. How long will we stay at sea? - White Pointer II is the name of our 32 ft. catamaran vessel. This boat was specifically built for the purpose of working, viewing and diving with Great White Sharks in the waters of the Western Cape. The boat carries all the necessary safety equipment and is certified on an annual basis by SAMSA, the authority responsible for maritime safety in South Africa.  How many guests aboard? - Depending on the time of year, the air temperature can be anywhere between 12 and 30 degrees Celsius and the sea temperature anywhere between 12 – 17 degrees Celsius.  Can I pay a little less if I only wish to surface view without going into the cage? - No. Alcohol is probably the biggest inducer of sea-sickness and we would recommend that you avoid alcohol as much as possible prior to your trip. Can I smoke on the boat? - Hopefully not, but unfortunately sea-sickness may be a part of the experience. You are welcome to take sea-sickness tablets before and / or during your trip, should you feel you need them. What can I do to avoid sea-sickness? Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule that prevents sea-sickness, but here are some tips which may help you prevent it: - Yes. Rolls with cheese and meat fillings; snacks, from sweets to fresh fruits; and a range of soft drinks and bottled water.  What should I wear and must I bring anything along? - It depends entirely on the weather on the day of your trip.  How long do we have to wait for the sharks to appear? - We cannot give a definitive answer to that question. We believe that White Sharks have different personalities, probably the result of previous experience. One shark might come up to the lure, have one quick look, not feel confident about the situation, and leave moments later. The next shark might be much more relaxed and remain around the boat for hours. Remember that White Sharks are curious animals, but their caution is a much stronger instinct.  Do I need to go into the cage to see White Sharks? - We do not recommend our trips for children under 10 years of age. Children are prone to get sea-sick as do adults, but the effect of sea-sickness on children is much more pronounced with dehydration being a big factor. Can you arrange transport and accommodation? - As many days as your budget allows. If you just want to see a Great White Shark, then one day should be enough (weather permitting). -  If you are a shark lover, then we would recommend that you spend at least five days with us. Great White Sharks are intelligent animals and present very different behavioural patterns and attitudes. They display different characteristics; some being very shy or extra cautious, while others are playful and curious in the extreme. Every day at sea is different and we can never predict conditions, situations or encounters. The weather is also a factor, as all trips are weather permitting.  What can I do during my stay in Simon’s Town? - The cage remains afloat and about 70 centimetres of the cage floats above the water at all time. The cage is also solidly attached to the boat with two thick ropes that further prevent it from sinking or drifting away from the boat. The bottom of the cage is lying about two metres below the surface.  What must I wear to cage dive? - We prefer not to use scuba equipment which produces a lot of noise and bubbles under the water. This often keeps the sharks from coming close. You will have a better chance of seeing the sharks if we can communicate the direction the sharks are coming from, especially when the water visibility is poor. However, if you prefer using scuba equipment and you are a qualified scuba diver, we will provide you with a regulator to dive in the cage once everyone else has had their dive. Am I allowed to scuba dive in the cage if I just have a PADI Open Water scuba certification? Q: Is the cage attached to the boat? Q: How many people does the cage accommodate at a time? Q: Does the cage have a lid? Q: How long can I stay in the cage? Q: Is the cage safe? Q: I can’t swim, can I still cage dive? Q: Are we allowed to take our cameras into the cage? Q: Do the crew take pictures or film our experience? Q: Do you allow children in the shark cage? Q: Can ladies cage dive whilst on their menstrual cycle? Q: Do you cancel in the event of rain? Q: When will I know if the trip I am booked on is going ahead or not? Q: When do you require payment for the trip? Q: What experience do your guides have? Q: Will the trip be just about sharks or will it include other wildlife as well? Q: Is free diving offered on the Mako and Blue Shark trip? Q: What is the duration of the Cow Shark dive? Q: Where is the Cow Shark dive site? Q: Is there any likelihood of seeing a shark on the Seal dive? Q: Can I come view the seals, but not dive? HOMEABOUT USSHARK CAGE DIVINGSHARK EXPEDITIONSCHRIS FALLOWS ART STORESAFARIBLOGCONTACT US

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