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Free Day Special!!!! Sail 7 Only Pay 6 Days Worldwide!!! Book by February 3rd, 2020 and get a Free Day* on the water when you book a 7-day-charter. Or score two free days* of offshore freedom if you reserve your private state-of-the-art yacht for two weeks! Plan to depart between January 3rd and December 11th, 2020 for this exclusive opportunity. Explore the breath taking area of Phang Nga bay in Phuket, Thailand while sailing! Book the 43 ft Sunsail Sailing Catamaran for up to 8 people. Rate starts at $1,350 per day. Skipper and crew service also available at extra fee.   Rate: • Starts at $1,350 per day Rates may vary, depends on days booked and age of yacht. Inquire for exact rates. Extras: • Insurance: $392 • Hire a Cook: $903 ($129 per day) • Hire a Skipper: $1,183 ($169 per day) • Allow 1 extra cabin for crew What You Can Expect: Overview Nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand is endowed with unparaleled tropical beauty. Of its four distinct regions, the southern peninsular reaches of the country are of the most interest to sailors. The cruising grounds off the east coast of the island of Phuket are among the finest anywhere. Towering pinnacles of limestone jut from the emerald-colored and sheltered waters of Phang-nga Bay. To the south, the famous Phi Phi Islands stand as jewels of the Andaman Sea. More than 130 picturesque isles lie within the province of Krabi alone, and the offshore marine preserves of the Similan and Surin islands are internationally famous as one of the world’s top scuba diving sites. A Phuket cruising vacation offers a multitude of scenic and secure anchorages, pristine white-sand beaches, rugged uninhabited islands, and lively nightlife and resorts. The warm, hospitable people of Thailand enhance the enjoyment of a Phuket yacht charter, making the offshore adventure all the more memorable in a nation often called the Land of Smiles. Cruising in Phuket The waters off Phuket’s east coast are situated in a protected swath of the Andaman Sea, ensuring excellent and safe cruising all year long. There is a wet and a dry season, all based on the monsoons that influence the weather and wind directions. On Thailand’s west coast, the northeast monsoon begins in November, ushering in light to moderate northeasterly winds between 10 and 20 knots, cooler temperatures, and drier conditions. In May, the southwest monsoon begins. Southwesterly winds gradually strengthen to more than 20 knots at the peak of the rainy season, which occurs in September and October. In most other rainy season months, it only rains for a couple of hours during the late afternoon. Daytime temperatures average 89°F from July through February, and 61°F at night. It’s hotter March through June. The tidal range can exceed eight feet, which creates swift tidal currents in narrow channels. Navigation is often line-of-sight. However, a careful eye on the chart and GPS is advised because of the numerous coral reefs. A Phuket charter vacation is well within the reach of captains confident in basic coastal navigation. Phuket Highlights A Phuket yacht charter unfolds in an exotic part of the world with stunning scenery and easy passages, which is what makes cruising in Phang-nga Bay and the Andaman Sea so appealing. Secluded coves fringed with majestic limestone cliffs and pristine white-sand beaches indent many of the islands, and just offshore are coral reefs resplendent in hues of brown, orange, green, and blue. Marine parks set aside as natural preserves to protect the tropical birds and abundant sea life make exploring these waters a voyage into an unspoiled paradise. Enjoying the culture and savoring the local cuisine is a delightful aspect of a Phuket cruising vacation, as is the snorkeling and scuba diving. For charter guests interested in nightlife, Phuket is known as Thailand’s premier resort island. Thailand Cruising Itinerary A Phuket cruising itinerary presents myriad opportunities to savor the varied delights of Thailand’s shimmering emerald-colored waters, towering limestone pinnacles, scenic anchorages, pristine beaches, traditional fishing villages, chic resorts, and some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the world. The passages can be confined to the sheltered waters off the east coast of Phuket or you can venture farther into the Andaman Sea to the picturesque Phi Phi Islands (see Phuket maps). The west coast of Phuket with its stunningly beautiful beaches and waterfront resorts, as well as the offshore islands in the Similan and Surin groups are an option during the northeast monsoon, which offers dry, sunny, and relatively cool tropical weather ideal for Phuket yacht charters. Day 1: Koh Hong Yachting in Koh Hong waters brings you to the glorious beauty of Ao Phang-nga National Park, which was established in 1981. It’s known throughout the world for its myriad caves, soaring limestone pinnacles, and lush mangrove forests. Large and small mountains rise from the sea at Koh Hong, creating a stunning backdrop to an anchorage surrounded by towering rock formations. Mooring No moorings are available. Anchor between the rock formations at Koh Hong. The best anchorage is off the east side of Koh Hong and west of the shoals extending off Koh Na Khae. Another popular anchorage is at Koh Phanak, to the south of Koh Hong. Koh Planak is a fabulous place to explore if you love caves. Dinghy dockage: No dinghy dockage is available . Things to do Situated north of Phuket and west of Krabi Province, Ao Phang-nga National Park is one of the jewels of southern Thailand. You could easily spend two or three days of your Phuket yacht charter cruising in Koh Hong waters. Other intriguing islands besides Koh Hong include Koh Planak, Koh Panyl, Khoa Phing Kan, and Tham Lot. Swimming, snorkeling, exploring the caves, and relaxing in scenic anchorages are the main attractions in the park. Taking the dinghy through the tunnel of Koh Hong into the lagoon to view the “hong” or room is an unforgettable experience. Facilities No facilities for yachts are available. Day 2: Koh Roi Cruising in Koh Roi waters west across Phang-nga Bay is a voyage among intriguing and beautiful islands in a tropical wonderland. Koh Roi, and its neighbour, Koh Kudu Yai, are excellent stopover points before heading south toward Krabi and its beautiful beaches, or the world-famous Phi Phi Islands. Mooring No moorings are available. The anchorage off Koh Roi is on the southwest side of the island. The anchorage at Nearby Koh Kudu Yai is on the west side of the island. An islet to the west offers additional protection. Dinghy dockage: No dinghy dockage is available. Things to do Koh Roi has an interesting hong that can be explored on foot. Koh Kudu Yai has a number of intriguing caves and hongs that can be explored by dinghy. Occasionally, at dusk, you can see thousands of fruit bats with three-foot wingspans soar into the sky from the middle of Koh Kudu Yai as they take flight for an evening of feeding in the dense jungles on the mainland. It’s a primal sight, one evocative of ancient times. Facilities No facilities for yachts are available. Day 3: Koh Hong Krabi Koh Hong Krabi yachting is memorable for its stunning beauty. The islands of the Koh Hong Krabi archipelago offer a varied array of snorkeling, pristine beaches, and opportunities to explore ashore or in the dinghy. Mooring No moorings are available, however, two anchorages are located at Koh Hong Krabi on the north and south sides of the island. There's also a good anchorage at nearby Koh Pak Bia, off the west side of the island. Dinghy dockage: No dinghy dockage is available. Things to do Anchoring off the north side of Koh Hong Krabi presents several delightful options. There’s a beautiful beach and, as the island’s name suggests, an enormous hong (Thai for room) with sheer cliffs on every side. Both are beautiful locations with warm, crystal clear water that are ideal for swimming and snorkeling during high tide. Be sure to look for the intriguing nearby cave, but watch out for the bats! On the south side of Koh Hong, you’ll find another beautiful beach. During the northeast monsoon, a small restaurant usually serves lunch and nearby there’s a scenic, coral fringed bay. The snorkeling is excellent at Koh Pak Bia. On the way to Koh Hong Krabi, consider planning a longtail boat tour to James Bond Island. Facilities No facilities for yachts are available. Day 4: Rai Le Beach Rai Le Beach cruising is a delightful sojourn to the mainland of south Thailand, famous for its spectacular beaches fronting the Andaman Sea. Many are inaccessible by road due to the towering cliffs and rock formations on the peninsula, creating a remote and secluded ambience that persists even at some of the more developed beaches. Mooring No moorings are available. The best anchorage is off the broad sandy beach. Dinghy dockage: No dinghy dockage is available. Things to do At the south end of the bay, you’ll find a magnificent reef teeming with sea life and colorful coral. The snorkeling is superb. There are caves and intriguing rock formations along the rocky southern headland. On the beach, you will find some restaurants. Relaxing in the shade with a cool drink and a delicious meal is a pleasant way to spend a mid-afternoon. Facilities Water is available by taking the dinghy ashore with a jerry can. Limited provisions are available. Day 5: The Phi Phi Islands Cruising in Phi Phi Don waters is a must during any Phuket yacht charter. Said to be one of the three most beautiful islands in the world, Phi Phi Don is a major tourist attraction, drawing boatloads of visitors every day during the high season from Phuket and Krabi. Yet, it still retains its idyllic charm, with the beachfront restaurants, bars, and shops at Ton Sai Bay blending in with the stunning scenery. Nearby Phi Phi Le is also magnificent, a jewel of the Andaman Sea well worth exploring. Snorkeling and scuba diving on the reefs in the area is some of the best in Thailand. Mooring No moorings are available. Phi Phi Don is comprised of two landmasses connected by a sandy isthmus that forms bays north and south. The best anchorage is on the south side of the island at Ton Sai Bay near the village. There are anchorages on the north side of the island as well, and they can be less crowded. While it is possible to anchor at Phi Phi Le, the water is deep and the bays are busy with tour boats. Dinghy dockage: No dinghy dockage is available. Things to do A coral reef on the west side of Ton Sai Bay is near the anchorage and is good for snorkeling. Exploring the village, dining at the restaurants, and browsing in the shops is a pleasant way to enjoy a late afternoon or early evening. Longtail tour boats operate from Ton Sai Bay and offer tours to the spectacular caves, hongs, and rocky inlets along the shores of Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le. Taking a longtail boat to Phi Phi Le is the most convenient way to enjoy the island’s beautiful beaches and snorkelling on the reefs. Maya Bay is particularly scenic. Dive operators are available for excursions to Him Klang reef, just north of Phi Phi Don. Facilities Water is available at the floating dock. Limited provisions are available. Day 6: Koh Rang Yai Yachting in Koh Rang Yai waters is a delight as you cruise along the east coast of Phuket. Koh Rang Yai and the surrounding area are very popular among local boaters, in part because of its location with easy access to Phang-nga Bay, Krabi, and the Phi Phi Islands. There is a restaurant ashore, and bike rentals are available. Mooring No moorings are available. There are two anchorages off Koh Rang Yai. The one on the west side has a magnificent white-sand beach. The anchorage on the north side of the island is better protected in southwesterly winds. Dinghy dockage: No dinghy dockage is available. Things to do Swimming at the beach, walking the scenic footpaths, playing miniature golf, or enjoying a tasty meal at the restaurant (it’s only open during the day) is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Facilities No facilities for yachts are available. Day 7: Phuket Yachting in Phuket waters presents a wonderful opportunity to experience Thailand’s many pleasures, ranging from tours of historic sites and Buddhist temples, savoring the delights of the island’s gorgeous beaches, shopping and dining in Phuket Town, to dancing the night away in chic nightclubs and enjoying the ambiance of a laid-back waterfront bar. Cruising in Phuket is a splendid mix of island hopping in marine preserves and thrilling open-water passages south of the island in the shimmering Andaman Sea. In short, Phuket is a boater’s paradise in one of Asia’s most scenic countries. Mooring No moorings are available. There are numerous protected anchorages on the east coast of Phuket. During the northeast monsoon, the west coast of the island offers a tantalizing array of potential harbors and coves to explore. Dinghy dockage: No dinghy dockage is available. Things to do Near the Moorings base at Ao Po Marina are two resorts with excellent accommodations and fine restaurants. The island of Phuket has so many attractions you could spend a week or two and not see them all. A trip to Phuket Town reveals a city with two distinct characters, the old and historic blended with the modern and chic. The shopping, dining, museums, theaters, and historic sites are enchanting. Phuket is world-famous for its resorts, particularly those on the west coast overlooking the Andaman Sea. You can visit the west coast during the northeast monsoon, when cruising there promises flat water and lots of sunshine. A trip to Phuket wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the FantaSea theme park, a celebration of everything Thai, including the superb cuisine. Facilities Facilities for yachts are available at Ao Po Marina. What To Expect Onboard: The popular four-cabin Sunsail 444 is perfect for family or couples traveling together. This revolutionary catamaran uniquely balances comfort, space and a sailing performance unrivalled by most catamarans. The most noticeable feature of the 444 is her covered forward cockpit, which is accessible from the main saloon, giving even more space for socializing and relaxing, as well creating cooling breezes into the interior. Additional information Convertible Saloon: This yacht has a convertible saloon which is included as a double berth in the maximum capacity. Forepeaks: This yacht has two forepeaks accessible through the forward cabins. They are not separated from the forward cabins, are very small and are only suitable for a small child or extra storage. They are not recommended as berths for your charter and are not included in the maximum capacity of your yacht. Air Conditioning: This yacht has generator powered A/C Skipper/Cook: A hired Skipper/Cook will need to use an interior cabin. Specification: • Length Overall: 12.98m / 42ft 7in • Waterline Length: 12.70m / 41ft 8in • Mast Height: 20.68m / 67ft 10in • Beam: 7.25m / 23ft 9in • Draft: 1.27m / 4ft 2in • Displacement: 12,615kg / 27,880lb • Fuel Capacity: 700L / 185USgal • Water Capacity: 1,000L / 264USgal • Sail Area: 123sqm / 1,323sqft • Engines: 2 x 45HP • Number of Berths: 8 • Max Number of Berths: 10 • Number of Heads: 4 • Number of Showers: 4 • Number of Cabins: 4 If you have any questions, we can answer those through GetMyBoat’s messaging platform before you pay. Just hit, “Request to Book” and send us an inquiry for a custom offer.

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