This is an example of a GREAT boat listing:


How to Create the Perfect Profile

Example of a BAD listing for the same boat:

How to Create the Perfect Profile

The Perfect Profile has:

  • A headline with the type of boat and nearest body of water/city

    • Customers will search for boats using phrases such as "Sailboat charter in San Francisco". If your headline has key words telling the type of craft and city/body of water, your boat will be one of the first results on the search page!

  • Large, high quality photos that show the whole boat

    • Using large pictures ensures that they will not be blurry on your profile. Need photography help? GetMyBoat offers a photography program that is free of charge to feature your boat.
    • Upload 3-5 photos showing different angles of the boat, both inside and out.
    • Does your boat have a special feature? Show it off!
  • Include a profile pictureGreat Profile Picture

    • A profile picture builds a personal relationship and creates trust between owner and renter.
    • Choose an image where you are smiling and your face is framed in the picture.
  • Tell renters what you offer in the boat description

    • Renters want to know what they are paying for. Make sure to detail exactly what the price includes, stating if your boat comes with a captain and crew, if you offer life vests, or any other amenities.

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