Captain Dave with GetMyBoat demonstrates how to properly board a boat. The boat used in this video is a Capri 22 ft. sailboat. Captain Dave’s instructions can be applied to a smaller boats too. 

Permission to Come Aboard

Before you get on the boat, always ask the Captain for permission to come aboard. The boat will roll a little when the weight of another person comes aboard. All passengers should be aware of the movement.  

Use the Standing Rigging

When you first step on a boat you must plan where you are going to step on to. Determine which line is the standing rigging, a piece of steal that will hold to weight of a person that holds onto it.  

Step onto the Gunwale

Step onto the gunwale in front of the life lines that run around the boat and hold onto the standing rigging. Your feet should now be fully on the outside of the boat.  

Step over the life line

Once both of your feet are on the boat, step over the life line. Hooray, now you are on board!  

Get Off the Boat

Reverse the steps to get off the boat. Be aware that the boat and dock will roll with your weight when you are either stepping up or down.    

Biggest mistake when getting off a boat

Do not place one foot on the inside f the life line when stepping off the boat with your other foot. Your leg may get stuck when the boat rolls back as you step off the boat.