Can I decline reservation requests?

Yes. Once a guest requests a reservation with you it is considered a “pending” reservation. You have 48 hours to respond to the guest or the reservation will become “lapsed.” Once a reservation request has been declined or has lapsed, guests will begin looking for an alternative option.

If a request has lapsed but you would like book with the guest, just message the guest and request them to send another reservation request.


What if my guest doesn’t show up for their reservation?

If your guest does not show up for their reservation, then send them a message on GetMyBoat and call their phone number shown in the GetMyBoat app if provided.

If you get in contact with the guest and reschedule for a different date, then be sure to update your GetMyBoat calendar so the date cannot be requested by another guest. GetMyBoat will release your payout within 30 days of the original reservation complete date.

If the guest does not show, then GetMyBoat will honor the cancellation policy set in your listing at the time the reservation was approved. To receive the funds from the cancellation fee your payout information must be entered to your account. GetMyBoat has up to 30 days to release your cancellation payout.


Can I change a reservation as an owner?

To change a reservation details you must cancel the reservation. Then you must request the guest make another reservation request with different details or you can create an offer after another request has been be sent.


How do I create an offer for a guest?

See video tutorial here


What do I do after I receive a reservation request?

After you receive a reservation request you will be notified via email that you have a pending request. You can approve, decline or create an offer for the reservation. Learn how to create an offer here.

If you decline the reservation be sure that those dates are marked as unavailable on your listing so it is not requested again by a different user.

If you approve the reservation request then be sure to enable push notification so you can stay in contact with the guest. Learn how to enable push notifications here.

It is recommended you enter and verify your phone number so the guest can reach out to you if needed. Learn how to enable push notifications and verify your phone number here.

It is also recommended to review our resource center. There you can find safety checklists, sample rental agreement forms as well as boating rules and regulations by state.