GetMyBoat Updates App for Android and iOS April 9, 2014 — The time is finally here: you can list your boat and book one too — all from the palm of your hand. GetMyBoat, the world’s largest and fastest growing boat-sharing marketplace, has updated their app for Android and iOS. Owners, who can already list their boat from the docks, now have the ability to update the listing to coincide with daily changes in availability, location, and price. Owners can even upload photos of their vessel or update services and features offered while aboard their watercraft. Never before has it been so easy to list a boat and get it booked. 

“We are doing new things for the industry,” says Bryan Petro, Head of Product at GetMyBoat. “We know that our owners are busy. There are daily changes in boat availability and weather — good or bad. We make the the spontaneous aspects of boating easy to accommodate and access for both owners and renters.”

While owners upload their boats to the GetMyBoat marketplace, renters can take advantage of the mobile marketplace as well. Renters can instantly spice up their vacation with a boating adventure, and they can do it on a whim. The GetMyBoat app allows renters to view all watercraft — from kayaks to catamarans — that are available within a 10 mile radius. Connecting with boat owners, tour operators, and yacht charters has never been so accessible.

By tapping into the prevalence of internet accessibility and smartphone usage around the world, GetMyBoat makes the thrill of being out on the water simple and quick for everyone. Currently home to 13,000 boat in 1,400 locations worldwide, boats are being added to GetMyBoat every day. Warm weather is coming and there are thousands of boating experiences on the horizon. Download the GetMyBoat app for Android or iOS to complete your impromptu, offshore adventures today.

About GetMyBoat

GetMyBoat is the world's largest and fastest growing community-driven boat rental and charter marketplace. Owners on GetMyBoat rent or charter their underutilized watercraft — from kayaks to catamarans, powerboats to sailboats — in more than 1,400 locations worldwide. Boaters browse watercraft that meet their specifications and budget, then reserve online or via the app. With 13,000 watercraft listed, in over 80 countries, GetMyBoat offers amazing on-the-water experiences for seasoned sailors and new boaters alike. Keep up with the latest news from GetMyBoat on Facebook and Twitter.