How to Get Boat Rental InsuranceBuying boat rental insurance has historically been a long, complicated process. Bundled in exclusively with your boat rental, hidden fees, extra costs, long forms — getting out on the water was not easy. 

That ship has sailed! GetMyBoat is the first company to offer a completely unique, global boat rental insurance program. It offers every boater a policy to fit his or her specific criteria. Boating with a peace of mind has never been easier. With GetMyBoat, you can browse and book boats, buy insurance instantly, and get on the water in minutes!

The GetMyBoat Insurance Basics

GetMyBoat offers both peer-to-peer insurance and commercial boat rental insurance with coverage up to $1,000,000. Insurance is offered by the day, the week, the month, or any duration needed. Everyone on board is covered up to $25,000 and coverage is worldwide (*some countries are not covered; read on to see which). The policy is as unique as your rental. Backed by the world’s largest global rental and charter insurance provider, your guest can boat with the same safety and security that thousands of other boaters have all over the world.

The only watercraft not currently covered by GetMyBoat’s policies are personal, such as jet skis, and non-powered, such as kayaks, canoes, or stand-up paddleboards.

Places Covered Under GetMyBoat’s Insurance

Coverage can be purchased in nearly all boating locations and countries, although some limitations do apply. Countries that are currently not eligible for coverage include: Algeria, Angola, Cuba, Ecuador, Haiti, Nigeria, Venezuela, and some Middle Eastern countries.

How Much Does GetMyBoat’s Insurance Cost?

GetMyBoat’s insurance coverage can be purchased for as low as $29 per day. With three packages (Basic, Plus, and Premium) and many ways to customize, you pay for what you need, and nothing more. Your final amount is viewable before you purchase, so you know exactly how much your policy will cost. Once your payment has gone through, you will be issued your proof of insurance. Be sure to print it our and take it with you on the water.

GetMyBoat Insurance Support

With a dedicated telephone line for on-the-water support, boat with your mind at ease knowing someone is on the other end to help in case of an emergency. Towing is also covered by GetMyBoat’s policies.

How to Get Boat Rental InsuranceApplying for GetMyBoat Insurance

To apply for GetMyBoat’s insurance, choose which of the three policies best suits your rental or charter, and go through a simple one-page application. If you already have a GetMyBoat account, log in and have many fields prefilled. In just two easy steps and as fast as three minutes you can be covered!

Don’t Worry, Boat Happy with GetMyBoat

GetMyBoat is changing the way the world goes boating and making it safer than ever to boat easy. The possibilities for on-the-water activities are endless. Choose a location. Select a boat. Purchase insurance. Get out on the water and start making waves in record time!