Captain Dave shows us the Do's and Don'ts of connecting your boat to shore power while at the dock.

Connecting to shore power allows you to use utilities such as the microwave or hair dryer with out having to use power from a generator. 

Power cords typically come in a 30 or 50 amp cord.

Before plugging into the shore power pedestal, ensure that all power switches are turned off, both on the pedestal and the boat. 

Then, plug in the power cord, turn the cord to lock it in and turn on the power at the pedestal. 

Next, go to the outlet on the boat, plug in the cord, turning it as you plug it in. Then turn the locking ring to lock the cord in place.

Go inside the boat and turn on the primary power, then choose the other switches you would like to provide power to.

To disconnect from the shore power, turn off all the power on the panel in the cabin. Then go to the power pedestal to turn off the power switch.