Captain Dave shows us how to properly wrap a winch on a sailboat.

Captain Dave is using a two speed, self-tailing winch, which makes it much easier to sail short handed.

Wrap the Winch Clock-wise

Always wrap the winch clock-wise from a sitting up position. Place the shoulder of your wrapping hand over the winch to get the most leverage.

As you wrap, be sure to have the sheet perpendicular to the winch drum.

Wrap your line twice around the winch, through the feeder, then through the jaws and tug.

To Release the Winch

To release the winch, place the butt of your palm towards the winch, holding the bitter end with your other hand. As you release, be sure to lean over the winch, rotating your arm as you go and keeping the line perpendicular to the winch drum.

Those are the basics for wrapping and unwrapping a winch with Captain Dave, thanks for watching!