Learn how to prepare your boat for Hurricane Sandy. Captain Dave shows us how to prepare a boat for a big storm. The boat featured in this video is a J105 sailboat, Special K.  

When preparing your boat for a storm, follow these tips to make sure it remains safe, within the slip and does not suffer too much damage.  

First, remove all of the canvas and all of the sails. You should keep one cover on the instruments and electronics to protect them from the elements.  

Next, remember to make sure your spring lines are as long as possible to allow enough length to accommodate high tides. Long dock lines allow for fore and aft movement from the tide and wind. The breast lines run from the bow of the boat and cross at the stern to keep it in the slip. Notice that Captain Dave uses the primary winches instead of the cheek blocks to tie the lines.  

Last, look aloft and see that the spreaders are alternated between the boat to allow for movement from strong winds and exposed waters.