Captain Dave with GetMyBoat demonstrates how to place a fender while boating. 

Limit fender movement

Tie your fender to an object with the shortest distance to the base of the boat and the fender to limit how much the fender rolls. If the fender is tied too high, it will move too much. Use the slip hitch or the cleat hitch to secure the fender to the object used.  

Floating Dock versus a Fixed Dock

It is important to know if the dock you are using is floating or fixed. In the video, the dock is floating. When the dock is floating, boat the boat and dock move together.   When the dock is fixed, the type of fender you use may be a little different and you will need to compensate for distance. Sometimes you will use the fender horizontally.  

Arriving to and Leaving the Slip

When you are arriving to and leaving your slip, remember to take up your fenders to avoid damaging your boat. While fender use is very basic, be careful and remain aware of how and where they are attached to the boat.