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Max Price: 2,000+
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Max Capacity: 50+
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Oslob Boat Rentals

Rental / Charter
14 Person Cebuano Traditional Boat For Rent!
$77 /hour
Traditional Boat Rental For 26 Person In Cebu, Philippines
$115 /hour
Island Hopping Trips For 15 People On Cebuano Wooden Boat
$96 /hour
Tour By Traditional Boat With Local Guide In Oslob, Philippines
$77 /hour
Charter A Center Console In Oslob, Philippines
$1,714 /day
Explore Oslob In The Philippines By Traditional Boat Charter
$29 /day
Tour In Style On A Traditional Boat Charter In Oslob, Philippines
$29 /hour
Traditional Boat Rental In Oslob, Philippines For Up To 20 Passengers
$29 /day
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