51ft Sailboat Nine Day Cabin Charter Sailing Cruise Starting From Phuket, Thailand

Cruising Monohull
51 ft
11 Guests

About This Boat

Experience a wonderful eleven (9) days cruise starting from Phuket, Thailand aboard the 51ft Sailboat for as low as $1,399 per person.


• $1,399 per person 

For more information and availability please contact us.

Rates includes:

• Accommodation in shared double occupancy cabin and use of all facilities on board.
• Full board on the yacht (All food provisions for 9 days)
• All drinks on board
• All yacht's running expenses.                                                                                                                  • Dinghy "Zodiac" with an outboard engine. 

• Use of snorkeling & fishing gear (trolling for Tuna... )
• Inflatable fun equipment.
• The assistance of an experienced skipper for the duration of the cruise.
• Introductory instruction in navigation & sailing techniques (optional)
• Electricity and hot water for showers on board.
• Linen & towels.

Rates excludes:

• Plane ticket to Phuket.                                                                                                                            • Port & mooring fees, transit log & taxes + Fuel surcharge: $399 USD/person            
• Personal travel insurance (Optional): $25 USD/person

What You Can Expect:

Sail & Discover the idyllic islands of the Andaman sea by joining our cosmopolitan group from April 1st until April 9th, 2018.  

You will discover Phuket, Phang Nga Bay with its Sea Gipsy floating villages, Phi Phi island and Maya Bay, the set of the movie “The Beach”, join an Elephant trekking Safari through the jungle of Koh Lanta, visit the small island of Koh Rang Yai where the most famous pearls are produced, and many other islands...

Explore the most beautiful and well-hidden lagoons in the world, snorkel between the most beautiful corals with millions of tropical colorful reef fishes…

An unforgettable cruise through these islands in the country of smiles, delicious cuisine, relaxing massages, peaceful exotic nature, and wild nightlife.

What To Expect Onboard:

Cyclades 50.5 is a real cruising yacht where convenience is everywhere. The double helm position provides comfort during sailing and moving around the yacht. The cockpit is designed so that all maneuvers are really simple, genoa winches near the helm, instrument supports at the cockpit table and on the helm consoles.


• Make: Cyclades 50.5 
• Type: Cruising Monohull
• Length: 51ft
• Cabins: 4
• Head: 4 


  • Type: Cruising Monohull
  • Capacity: 11 People
  • Make Model: Cyclades 50.5
  • Rental Minimum: 11 days
  • Length: 51 ft
  • Cancellation: 20% Refund 30 Days Prior

Rental Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a prior sailing experience?

No prior sailing experience is required at all!! If you want to learn about sailing, we’ll be delighted to teach you. However, there are no obligations whatsoever.

2. How many will we be on the yacht?

The sailing yachts or catamarans that we use have 5 - 6 cabins/boat, which means you will be with a max of 10 - 12 persons together, unless you want to charter the yacht exclusively.

3. Can I come with a friend(s)?

Sure you can, but don't feel like you are going to be left out if you don't, as many of our passengers come on their own.

4. Can friends be assigned to the same yacht?

Of course, and in case your group is larger than 12 (the max capacity of our yachts), you will be on 2 or 3 boats, but we will always be sailing, mooring, and eating together. It will practically seem as if it was one boat and the fun will be while sailing coast to coast because we will be racing for fun :)

5. What about safety on board?

All our sailing yachts have life saving equipment. We always stay connected to other vessels through VHF and we are officially subscribed and equipped with Cospas-Sarsat System, the number one international search and rescue system via satellite. And besides all that, Sailing is the safest way of transportation according to statistics. It is safer than cars, planes, trains, etc...

6. Can we learn to sail during this cruise?

This cruise is an excellent introduction to the world of navigation, the sea and sailing. Those interested can learn to point on a map using the GPS, take the helm and handle the sails while learning the basics and techniques of navigation. Following that trip people wishing to deepen their knowledge will be guided to a special school for academic courses to obtain an internationally recognized diploma.

7. Will I need a Visa to enter the visited islands? And what are the requirements?

It depends on your nationality and the destination of the cruise. You might need a visa. The best way is to contact us if you have any doubts and we will advise and help you with all the needed documents for obtaining a touristic visa.

8. If I want to stay for 2 weeks, will I be doing the same itinerary again?

No. We have 2 different itineraries that are organized in a way you can combine between them.
For example: 1 week sailing in Turkey (East) can be followed by 1 week sailing in the Greek islands of the Dodecanese.

9. Will we encounter bad weather?

No, the choice of season in every destination we operate depends on the sea and wind conditions in a way to be sure not to encounter any bad weather. We follow the sunshine :). Summer in Mediterranean and winter in the Tropics...

10. Is there a motor on the boat if the wind stops?


11. Are children accepted on board?

Yes of course, children are accepted on board. But children and teenagers under 18 should present an approval letter from their parents if they are willing to join without them.

12. What is the minimum and maximum age?

There is no maximum or minimum age… the youngest we had onboard was a cute 6 months old little girl and the oldest was an 84 years old man. They were both very inspiring to everyone!!

13. How many hours do we sail per day?

In general it varies between 3 and 7 hours daily.

14. Do we sail during the night?


15. Do we go ashore when we stop?

Yes, we visit the islands, the villages, the ruins, etc.

16. Will we lose sight of land and islands during our cruise?

No, we will always see the land, even when we cross between islands. We will always have at least one island at sight.

17. What do we eat on the sailboat?

Before the departure we shall take care of the travel provision by ensuring food and beverage provision; We will purchase everything necessary for breakfast (bread, coffee, tea, milk, eggs, cheese, assorted cooked meats, jams, honey, corn flakes…), for the dinners and meals (Vegetables, fruits, pastry, rice, pasta, meat, chicken, fish (depending on the fishermen of the group: The more we catch, the more we eat :)), conserves, spices, oils, sauces, dried fruits, chocolates, biscuits, snacks, potato chips & appetizers, etc…), Drinks and beverages: soft & sparkling water, wine, beer, Raki, soft drinks, juices, milk…) *Please feel free to bring along any kind of food or drink that you like & didn’t find in the list above.

18. What if I have special dietary needs?

No problem. We make sure we always have nutritious and great tasting ingredients. But if you have special needs such as allergies or are a vegetarian, make sure to let us know prior to the sailing cruise and we will have what you need on board. If you really want special stuff, you can bring along all your needs.

19. Who cooks during the trip?

Everyone shall participate.

20. Can we bring our own alcoholic beverages to the yacht?

Yes, of course you can bring your own beverages. We provide you with the soft drinks, juices, Beer, Wine (Red, Rose & white) & Raki that are always available onboard. You can bring different beverages of your choice (Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, etc…)

21. Can we bring along a specialty food &/or drink from our country and share it with the group?

Since we will be a cosmopolitan group joining from all around the globe, it’s not mandatory but highly appreciable & nice to bring along a specialty food or drink (something salty, sweet, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, etc…) from your own country or region so that we can share our specialties together and enjoy the variety of unique tastes.

22. Is smoking allowed?

For safety reasons, and to prevent lingering odors remaining to disturb the comfort of actual or future guests, smoking is not permitted inside the yacht. But of course smoking is permitted on deck in the open air.

23. Is there music installation on board?

Yes, Radio with CD player.

24. Are music instruments allowed on board?

Musical instruments of any kind are welcomed on board except for “Pianos” since they can be a bit problematic ;)...

25. Are there showers and hot water on the yacht?

26. Is it possible to have GSM network on board?

Yes, we will have most of the time GSM network on board as most of the islands are covered by local networks.

27. Does the cruise fee include the airfare?

No, the cruise fee doesn’t cover the airfare to our cruise departure.

28. Is it possible to get an Internet connection on board?

Yes you can get a 24h Internet connection on board for the duration of the cruise.
If you are interested please let us know in advance in order to provide you with this service for the cost of $50 USD per week and per device (laptop, iPad, mobile phone, etc….).

29. What should we take with us as luggage?

• Camera
• Swimsuits, sunglasses & Sun lotion
• Docksides, sandals or similar.
• A pair of shoes or sandals that goes in the water (sea urchins, Coral reefs, etc...)
• A sweat shirt (at night it can be a bit chilly)
• A short wet suit or sweat shirt to wear for snorkeling if you wish to snorkel for long periods.
• A nice outfit to wear when we go out at night (very casual)
• The minimum possible of clothes, we will be most of the time in swimsuits... Travel light.
• Tidy up all these things in a foldable bag (Backpack or similar).

30. How much pocket money should we foresee?

It depends of everyone, but the average is around $150 USD.
In order to get Turkish lira the best will be to do the exchange in Marmaris.

31. Is there electricity on the yacht?

Yes. 220V when we are in marinas and 12V when we are sailing or on anchor (most of the time) if you want you can bring with you a charger for your cell phone etc. (allume-cigare)

32. Where do we all sleep?

You will be surprised to discover how spacious our yachts can be from inside. Each yacht has 5 to 6 cabins that can accommodate 2 persons each. But, for the most part, the evenings are clear and dry and most of us like to sleep out on deck, swinging in a hammock under the stars.

33. If I would like to sleep outside under the stars, can I bring along a sleeping bag?

Yes, of course. Bringing along a sleeping bag would be useful if you would like to enjoy sleeping outside.

34. Is there a single supplement?

Most cabins can accommodate 2 persons and most people are quite happy to share a cabin. However, if you really prefer a cabin to yourself, you have the possibility to book a double cabin for single use and pay additional 50% of the cruise fees + taxes, or book a single cabin and pay additional 20% of cruise fees + taxes.

35. If you arranged for me and I already paid for the airport taxi transfers, how will I find the taxi driver at the airport?

The taxi driver will be waiting for you at the exit gate at the airport and he will be holding a paper with our logo printed on it.

36. What about seasickness?

Seasickness is caused when the inner ear organs that enable a human to balance are disturbed by the motion of the boat swaying and pitching. This movement sets off alarm signals to the brain causing nausea.

In general, LESS than 10% of the people can be subjected to Seasickness. But since the sailing cruises that we organize always take place in beautiful weather, everybody stays out on deck while we are sailing. While exposed to fresh air, the risk of being Seasick is much lower. Besides, the yachts we are operating are very stable (a sailboat is much more stable than any motor boat because of the action of the wind on the sails and the heavy keel that stabilizes the boat).

Finally, you can avoid seasickness by looking at the distant horizon and staying out on the deck. If all these weren't enough for you and you're still seasick, which rarely happens, we always have on board “Dramamine, Gravol etc.”. These are simple medications for motion and seasickness. You can take a pill and you’ll be fine. Or, an anti nausea bracelet can be used as a preventative measure. They are drug free, and have no side effects. It has been used successfully on adults and children.

37. Where will the boat be located?

The boat will be located on pontoon "N" in "Netsel Marina" in Marmaris, Turkey.

38. What are the nearest airports?

The airport of Dalaman (1H30 by taxi) or the airport of Bodrum (2H30 by taxi) and also the airport of Antalya (4H30 by taxi).

39. Do I need a Personal travel insurance?

Everyone shall have a medical travel insurance covering the duration of the cruise (Mandatory). If you do not have one Please inform us at least 15 days prior to departure in order to purchase it for you, it costs USD 20.

40. What does the travel medical insurance include?

The proposed personal travel insurance includes the following: Travel Information Service, Referral to Medical Correspondents Abroad, Long Distance Medical Advice, Dispatch of a Specialized Physician, Delivery of Urgent Messages, Evacuation and/or Medical Repatriation, Emergency Dental Care, Transportation to Join Beneficiary, Return of Dependent Children, Sea & Mountain Search and Rescue, Cover of Medical Expenses and Hospitalization Abroad

41. Waiver, Release & Assumption of risk.

Every participant shall sign one form upon embarkation.


  • Life jackets/required safety gear
  • 6 Cabins
  • Wheel steering
  • Bimini
  • Fishing gear
  • Autopilot
  • CD Player
  • Dinghy
  • Generator
  • Galley Stove & Oven
  • Berth
  • Head

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