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Awesome houseboat rentals and sleep aboard boats near Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten.

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Sailing Catamaran Trips in St Maarten and surrounding islands.
Sailing in Simpson Bay · 25 guests

Sailing Catamaran Trips in St Maarten and surrounding islands.

Can you sleep in a houseboat?

Yes, you can sleep overnight on the water with a houseboat rental. Houseboats are great options for people who love being on the water - because you can combine your love for boating with your accommodation on a vacation. Houseboat sizes and amenities range drastically, but you can find many modest houseboats with one or two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen onboard.

Is driving a houseboat hard?

If you can drive a car safely, you can definitely learn how to drive a houseboat. If you are renting a houseboat for the first time, make sure you get an orientation from the owner or rental company before you cruise out from the docks. The main difference is that there are no brakes on a houseboat, so the only way to slow the boat is to release the throttle slowly and always be looking far ahead to avoid any obstacles when navigating. Make sure you bring a valid driver’s license when renting a houseboat.

Which state has the best houseboat rentals?

There are many lakes across the country that offer incredible houseboating opportunities. Some of the best lakes for a houseboat rental include Lake Lanier in Georgia, Lake Vermillion in Minnesota, Lake Powell in Arizona, and Lake Cumberland in Kentucky.

How much are houseboat rentals?

Pricing for houseboat rentals starts around $200/night, but can range anywhere from $200 to over $1000 per night, depending on the location and the size of the vessel. If you are renting a large houseboat to accommodate many people, the cost will be more but it could be cheaper once you split with everyone onboard. Houseboats are a fun way to combine an activity like boating with your accommodation, which is sometimes a cheaper way to experience both instead of booking a vacation rental AND a boat rental. Plus, who doesn’t love to sleep on the water? Browse thousands of houseboat rentals on GetMyBoat and book one right on your phone with the mobile app.

How can I rent a houseboat?

Renting a houseboat is easy with GetMyBoat. Browse your desired location for your houseboat rental and select the “Houseboats & Sleepaboards” option from the Trip Type menu. This will show you all the boats available with sleeping quarters that you can rent in that location. Find the best houseboat to rent with GetMyBoat, on the desktop site or on the mobile app.

Houseboats & Sleepaboards Reviews in Simpson Bay

  1. SS
    Sailing Catamaran Trips in St Maarten and surrounding islands.

    Capt. Neil and his crew made my 35th Birthday yacht ride one to remember. We were able to play our music, take plenty of pictures and videos, get in the water and relax. Lunch was AMAZING😋. Everything was so good. I could not have asked for a better experience🧡🧡🧡🧡

  2. SG
    Sailing Catamaran Trips in St Maarten and surrounding islands.

    Neil was an adept captain and this was the highlight of our experience during this trip to St Marten! Neil and Anna and Bob were very helpful and accommodating during our trip, even letting us DJ for a bit of the ride. Bob is a great chef and the food was incredible for lunch (which included barbecue ribs, roasted veggies, a seafood paella, and mahi mahi) while Anna kept our drinks full. The itinerary was well timed and kept the day moving right along. This would be a great addition to anyone’s itinerary, in particular for people looking for a more mellow and relaxing day trip.

  3. MiCole
    Sailing Catamaran Trips in St Maarten and surrounding islands.

    Captain Neil and his crew is nothing short but amazing! Transportation from my hotel to the boat was organized and on time! There is a mini speed boat you have to take from the dock to get to the catamaran but it is a quick ride. Upon getting on the boat we were greeted by staff. We were given the safety rules and regs and given drinks right away. You are also allowed to bro b your own beverages on board! The boat was beautiful. Better than the pics and a pretty large size. The food provided was amazing! The crew made us feel welcomed and took good care of us! An amazing way to spend by birthday with my group of 10 friends with me. There were no complaints. Next time I’m in SXM I will be using Captain Neil services!

  4. jc
    Sailing Catamaran Trips in St Maarten and surrounding islands.

    What a day!! By far the best experience or our trip, the 6 kids onboard under the age of 10 can’t stop talking about it. The food was exceptional and of high quality, the service was everything you expect when treating yourself. The crew was amazing with the kids. The variety of cocktails and quality of spirits was also first class. Was definitely worth it and we highly recommend it. Jon C

  5. Dmitriy
    Sailing Catamaran Trips in St Maarten and surrounding islands.

    Folks, please read other reviews and after that multiple it by 10. No doubt it’s the greatest event I’ve had in my life. I had my birthday party held at the yacht. There were 25 of us there and everyone was 1000% satisfied with the experience we got. I highly recommend the yacht and captain Neil with his crew and will be back with my friends next time.

  6. TE
    Sailing Catamaran Trips in St Maarten and surrounding islands.

    Capt Neil went above and beyond for my family. When we didn’t arrange for transportation to/from the dock, capt quickly helped. Within 10 mins not only dis he find us reliable transportation, he also offered to pick up my mother’s birthday cake. Upon setting foot onboard this beautiful and enormous yatch, my family was treated like royalty. We were constantly offered drinks and snacks. There was never a time that we did not have a drink or snack in our hands. Lunch was heavenly. It was delicious and plentiful. We ate and drank to our hearts desire. Perhaps the most fun part of our celebration onbaord the Enigma was the water activities that they had. Even though the majority of my family members do not swim, we felt comfortable enough to wear a life jacket and participate in the fun in the ocean. I feel like I have no words to truly express how great this day was. For anyone who feels like 7-8hrs is long time, it is not. The time will fly by and you would want more time at the end of your day. For anyone that worries that there will not be enough food/drinks, fear not. You will eat/drink till you desire no more. Capt Neil and crew provided a 10 star service from start to finish. This was the highlight of our trip to St Maarten. Thank you for a wonderful birthday celebration!!