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    2015 Regal 2700 Yacht Charter Lake Norman Cornelius
    8 guest

    2015 Regal 2700 Yacht Charter Lake Norman Cornelius

    Cruise, Party and Enjoy in Lake Norman!
    8 guest

    Cruise, Party and Enjoy in Lake Norman!

    Princecraft Tritoon for Rent on Lake Norman
    10 guest

    Princecraft Tritoon for Rent on Lake Norman

    Sundancer Majestic Tri-toon for Rent on Lake Norman
    11 guest

    Sundancer Majestic Tri-toon for Rent on Lake Norman

    2019 Suntracker Party Barge for Charter in Denver
    12 guest

    2019 Suntracker Party Barge for Charter in Denver

    Enjoy Lake Norman On This Awesome Surf Boat!
    10 guest

    Enjoy Lake Norman On This Awesome Surf Boat!

    72 results

    Boating Guide - Lake Norman

    Rent a boat on Lake Norman

    Lake Norman is a beloved boating destination in North Carolina, located right outside of Charlotte. It's a gorgeous reservoir, formed by a dam on the Catawba River. It’s the biggest freshwater body of water in all of North Carolina, with hundreds of miles of shoreline, and is the perfect summertime spot to visit. Book a pontoon boat rental, or rent a jet ski and spend the perfect summer day on Lake Norman. A trip to the lake provides opportunities for endless swimming, kayaking, soaking up the sun, boating, and connecting with nature.

    Plan your visit & boat day on Lake Norman

    Lake Norman is the perfect boat rental destination for a fun and leisurely weekend during the summer months. On the south side of the lake, closest to Charlotte, the access points to check out include Blythe Landing Park and Ramsey Creek Park. Here you’ll find the Lake Norman Marina, parking options, boat launch/boat ramp access, boat slips, and other facilities like restrooms.

    Lake Norman State Park and Stumpy Creek Access are the main access points of Lake Norman on the north side. The state park is great for camping and has all the facilities you’ll need if you opt to stay here for a few nights. Launch your boat, go mountain biking, or relax on the shores of the lake.

    Choose from all types of different boats to rent, with the most popular option being a pontoon rental, which includes the most popular rental brands like Bennington pontoons, Sylvan pontoons, and even Barletta tritoons. Other popular rental options are motor yachts, wake boats, and even Jet skis. Take advantage of the sunshine in the summer and get out on Lake Norman on a boat rental. Lake Norman yacht rentals are also popular for visitors looking to enjoy luxurious cruising or celebrating an event on the water. Charter a yacht on Lake Norman for a summer family reunion or party with friends in the sun on a getaway from Charlotte for the weekend.

    For adventure-seekers visiting Lake Norman with a need for speed, jet ski rentals are a popular choice for water recreation. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes of jet skis and rent for a few hours of flying through the waves. It’s a fun activity that will have your adrenaline pumping, perfect for making memories with your closest friends.

    Even without boating experience, you can still soak up all the joy of boating on Lake Norman. There are boat rentals available with a captain to cruise you around the Lake and take you on a tour. Captained boat charters on Lake Norman are a great choice for celebrations. Whether you’re hosting a bachelor or bachelorette party, a family gathering, or another special occasion, a chartered boat cruise with a captain to take you around Lake Norman will make your day unforgettable. Boat tours, sunset cruises, dinner cruises, and other experiences on a captained boat charter are perfect for Lake Norman.

    For visitors to Lake Norman who prefers to explore with a non-motorized watercraft, there are plenty of options for rentals of kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and canoes. Paddle yourself around the shores of Lake Norman, admiring the views of nature and forests of this region of North Carolina. Rent a kayak. for a peaceful activity that will give you some exercise and enjoyment on Lake Norman. There are double and single kayaks available to rent so your whole group can get involved in the activity during the visit.

    When booking a boat rental on Lake Norman, it’s crucial that you arrange all necessary details with the boat owner or captain to ensure you have a pleasant day out on the lake. Inquire about what is included in the cost of the rental, things like fuel, pick-up and drop-off, gratuity, iced-down coolers, and other details will help you plan out the perfect boat day. Make sure the boat you select for your rental can accommodate the size of your group.

    Things to do by boat on Lake Norman

    One of the most popular spots to stop on your rental is the Lake Norman Sandbar, where you can relax or enjoy a nice dip. A popular pastime to enjoy by boat on Lake Norman is fishing. Rent a fishing boat on Lake Norman or book a fishing charter, complete with a local guide. You can have all the bait, tackle, and gear for a fishing trip included in your boat rental, or even book a guided fishing trip on Lake Norman. Another great option for a trip itinerary for renting a boat on Lake Norman is to visit the many coves and also view the many mansions of the rich and famous.

    Because of the vast expanse of Lake Norman, it’s essential to plan out which region of the lake you plan to visit. There are various cities and entry points to the lake scattered around the perimeter, including Davidson, Mooresville, and Cornelius. Much of the lake is residential, so be aware that a lot of the shoreline is private property.

    There are plenty of sights to see around Lake Norman by boat rental. Stop off at beaches at Lake Norman State Park and Ramsey Creek Park in Cornelius. There are tons of waterfront restaurants with boat slips for parking your rental to enjoy a meal on the lake. Try restaurants like Port City Club, Eddie’s on Lake Norman, North Harbor Club, and the Blue Parrot Grill.

    Lake Norman is a hub for water sports, and you can enjoy a variety of them on your boat rental. Rent a Mastercraft or Chapparel ski boat or wake boat on Lake Norman for an exciting day of fun and activity on the wake of your boat. Tubing, waterskiing, and wakeboarding are the perfect activities to try. Bring the equipment onboard and don’t forget the lifejackets.

    Boating Events on Lake Norman

    In the summer months, there are lots of festivals and celebrations taking place on and around Lake Norman. Visit to check out some of the top attractions like Lake Norman In-Water Boat Show and Dragon Boat Races to get in the spirit of boating culture and making the most of your boat rental on Lake Norman.

    About Lake Norman and things to do nearby

    Lake Norman is located an hours drive from Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s great for renting boats because it’s a huge reservoir, with lots of space for cruising around, gorgeous scenery to see, and lots of outdoor entertainment to enjoy. It’s lively in the summer when temperatures are high and there is plenty of sunshine. There are lots of small hotels and motels to book around Lake Norman if you’re visiting from out of town and want to rent a boat during your vacation. There are also several campgrounds around the lake.

    While on land, there’s plenty to see and do around the lake to keep everyone in your group entertained. If you’re traveling with adventurous young kids who need a few hours of excitement, visit The Pit Indoor Go-Kart Racing, the perfect activity for a rainy day. The North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame and the Memory Lane Museum are other indoor places to visit if you happen to run into bad weather during your trip.

    For nature enthusiasts who want to go hiking during their stay at Lake Norman, there are great nearby trails to explore. Head to Lake Shore Trail, Alder Trail, or the Lake Norman Greenway for a fun day of exploring the outdoors in this part of North Carolina. There are also mountain biking trails and lots of campgrounds to choose from. Wildlife Woods Campsites are located on the west side of the lake and the grounds have all the essential amenities. This spot is more popular with North Carolina locals than visitors, so keep that in mind when choosing a campsite.


    Cross Country Campgrounds is noted for having lots of amenities and activities, so it’s the perfect choice of a campsite if you’re traveling with kids. There’s a swimming pool, billiards, and other games like Bingo to keep children entertained while visiting Lake Norman. Lake Norman State Park is on the east side of the lake and is an excellent choice for camping. It has large sites for group camping, easy access to the lake, fishing, hiking, and a lot of other activities that you’ll need for the perfect camping experience.

    Marinas on Lake Norman for servicing your rental boat

    There are lots of marinas around Lake Norman for all your boat servicing needs. Stop off at Lake Norman Marina, Lake Effects, Lake Norman Boat Club, Midway Marina, Mountain Creek Marina, or Rock City Marina for starters. Stop at the marinas to fuel up, ask for boating advice, or get anything else you may need for your boat rental.

    Lake Norman Boat Rental FAQs

    Can you boat on Lake Norman?

    Yes! Lake Norman is a great boating lake - it's a big lake with plenty of places to rent a boat or launch your boat. It's great for swimming, watersports, and all other recreation you can enjoy with a boat rental.

    How much does it cost to rent a boat on Lake Norman?

    The price for boat rentals on Lake Norman varies by type of boat, day of the week, and other factors. Expect to pay around $75-100/hour for a pontoon boat up to $333/hour for a captained motor yacht charter. Other water activities like stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking are very affordable, starting at $18/hour.

    How much does it cost to rent a pontoon boat on Lake Norman?

    The cost for a pontoon boat rental on Lake Norman starts at $75/hour.

    How far is Charlotte from Lake Norman?

    Charlotte is a 45-minute drive south from Lake Norman. The short distance makes Lake Norman a great destination for people coming from Charlotte looking to rent a boat or enjoy recreation on a lake for a weekend getaway.

    How big is Lake Norman North Carolina?

    Lake Norman is the largest man-made body of water in North Carolina, it is over 33 miles long, and 9 miles wide, and has a surface area of almost 50 square miles. Its large size makes it a great place for recreation and boat rentals.

    How warm is Lake Norman?

    The temperature of Lake Norman varies throughout the year. In winter, the temperature can be as low as 50℉ and in the summer can reach up to 85℉.

    When is the best time to visit Lake Norman?

    The best time of year to visit Lake Norman is during summer. The sunshine and hot weather make it the perfect time to rent a boat, go swimming, and enjoy recreation on the lake.

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    GetMyBoat customer reviews for boat rentals in Lake Norman.

    1. Josette
      Cruise, Party and Enjoy in Lake Norman!

      Ken was super patient with us and overall an amazing captain. We got to play badminton with him and played a lot of other games on the beach he took us to on Lake Norman. Currently live in California, and next time I’m back, will request Ken again :)

    2. CS
      2019 Bentley 24' Pontoon boats on Lake Norman, North Carolina

      Noreisis was our captain and she was! Very attentive and great customer service. We will definitely be booking again with Dan when at Lake Norman, NC. Boat was super clean and came with bottled water, sodas and ice. The Black Bentley was all that we wanted.

    3. SM
      Cruise, Party and Enjoy in Lake Norman!

      We had an amazing time traveling with Kendrick! He was a knowledgeable captain and provided us with an amazing, unforgettable day out on the lake! From start to finish he ensured our needs were met and that we got out of the day what we hoped to! Could not have asked for a better rental experience!

    4. KQ
      2016 MasterCraft X46 Luxury Wakeboat for Charter in Mooresville

      Nivitha and her sister took our group on an awesome cruise around Lake Norman for the 4th of July weekend! Their boat is awesome and they were so easy to work with. They were super accommodating and took us to fun spots to swim. Would definitely recommend them!

    5. Christopher
      2016 MasterCraft X46 Luxury Wakeboat for Charter in Mooresville

      Nivitha and her father provided an awesome experience on Lake Norman for my family and I. We were in need of a boat on very short notice to celebrate my brother's birthday. Since many of my family had traveled from out of state, our options were limited to just one day that we could actually experience the lake. Fortunately, Nivitha's boat was available and they treated us to an epic experience. Nivitha's communication was top notch. Due to some severe thunderstorms in the area, we had to adjust our boating times a little bit to avoid any potential lightning. Nivitha was all over the weather radar and suggested that we push out our start time by 90 minutes. It was absolutely the right call as we avoided seeing any lightning on our trip and enjoyed the full experience. They take safety very seriously, which is exactly what you want from an experienced boat captain. My family and I enjoyed relaxing, swimming, and beverages on the boat. We also experienced wake surfing for the first time which was one of the coolest things that I've ever seen! Their water sports equipment was top of the line! I highly recommend this boating experience to anyone who would like to enjoy an epic day on Lake Norman. Nivitha and her father are very accommodating and will customize your trip any way that you'd like. On a scale from 1 - 10, I give them an 11! :-) My family and I look forward to booking another fun outing with them in the future!

    6. Kay
      Wakeboard & Surf Charter with the Pros! 2021 MasterCraft X Star (Lessons and Charters)

      Martin provided a PHENOMENAL experience!! Thanks for allowing us to celebrate my birthday on your boat and ensuring the best experience possible! Communication was consistent, he was very professional and personable, and we appreciate him taking the time to introduce us to a few water sports to enhance our experience on the lake!! I will definitely book again with Martin soon! He was amazing! Thanks for taking good care of us.

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